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About us

An innovative European group in the French landscape

image6Accolab’s vision is to improve medical diagnostics for everyone; this means that we aim to achieve better service and quality for patients, the medical community and society in general. We aim to be one of the leading laboratory businesses in Europe and the partner of choice for healthcare organisations, either for outsourcing lab services or as a trusted partner.
Accolab aims to:
– Provide services for doctors, patients and society.
– Use a scientific approach based on our team’s high level of competence.
–  Lead via a professional management culture.

Accolab member laboratories propose analyses both to private individuals and to the different healthcare bodies with the objective of improving medical diagnostics and providing a reliable analysis service for patients and the professional community. Accolab improves cooperation with doctors/clinical practitioners in order to better advise and refer patients. Hand-in-hand with the nurses, Accolab provides a local home care service in the interests of the client-patient.

Accolab is a network that integrates multi-site medical biology laboratories with a view to setting up a consistent, well-established, agile organisation in order to develop and expand.
Convinced that building up an identity and business operation in the medical biology sector (“the blood industry”) is the best path to take in a context of perpetual technological development and a changing French healthcare system, Accolab has set itself the objective of integrating the fundamental concept of  customer service.

Accolab and its members define themselves as a company focussed on service in general and medical analysis service in particular.